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Product data management is a practice within multi-spectrum enterprise data management that provides pillars to cascade real-time product information to all the relevant departments within the organization. As your retail and online business expands, keeping track of product data can get more difficult and you have to invest high during the product launch, data maintenance, data governance, PIM platform migration etc.
EnFuse ensures omni channel end to end PIM management and cater to more than 1 million product data points every month.

EnFuse Solutions carries extensive experience and expertise across various Product Data and Content services that will make your products standout from the crowd.

  • Product Title – Create descriptive and SEO-friendly Product Names
  • Product Data Description & Feature – Design key product details in structured and customized format for your product audience
  • Product Data Attribute – Define, source, enrich, cleanse & standardize product attribute headers and values, so your online shoppers don’t have to spend much time in finding critical information about your products
  • Product Data Mapping / Categorization – Map product to category or parent products with differentiator, allowing online shoppers to navigate smoothly and choose from all available options
  • Data Templatization of B2B files – Create and populate product data uploads for buyer hosted catalog or PIM system or website of vendors/suppliers/3rd parties
  • Data Asset Management – Source product images, videos, specification sheets and all product relevant assets to make your
    Product Detail Page (PDP) look rich and complete
  • Product QnA & Rating Comments – Create product related questions and answers (Q&As). Moderate user comments on website
  • UNSPSC, UPC, EAN Mapping – Map universal classification code and/or regional compliance code to product for better tracking and compliance status
  • Filter Attribute Mapping – Assess and create the best possible mix of taxonomy and filter attributes so your customers feel like they are assisted through each click till checkout
  • Product Merchandizing and Cross Referencing – Create upgrade or complimentary or replacement product mapping to improve traffic and conversion rate
  • Platform Migration – Own complete data migration from one platform to another with total compliance
  • AI/Machine Learning Training Sets – Enable Machine Learning initiatives on Product Data by creating trustable training sets